Queensland Police HQ

15 weeks
Roma Street, Brisbane
IA Group
Secure Locations

Project Director: Ben Scott
Construction Manager: JP Kennedy
Project Manager: Doug Blanchfield
Site Foreman: Bryce Day

The G20 Summit held in Brisbane in 2014, was the largest ever peacetime police operation in Australia, involving a complex security operation to ensure protection of world leaders, 4000 delegates and 2500 media representatives.   In preparation for the event, Quadric was appointed as Principal Contractor to refurbish the Queensland Police Headquarters Police Operations Centre and Joint Intelligence Group facility.  The new spaces acted as control centres providing a central point of co-ordination for resources and information supporting approximately 6,000 police in the operation.

Delivery of the project involved a deep commitment to fixed deadlines, a sensitive understanding of various secure information, a willingness to work around the needs of the operating police station, and an applied comprehension of communications services.  It was identified in early phases that the largest project risk was the integration of services from several different information systems into the built environment.  This became both the largest obstacle and the biggest key to the project success.  When client requested changes to IT integration were presented, the project team was able to collaborate with consultants and provide buildability advice which allowed deadlines to be achieved.

Quadric would like to thank the entire project control group for their efforts and patience, through what was an understandably challenging, but ultimately rewarding project.

Images Courtesy of ‘Australian Broadcasting Corporation Library Sales’.

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