DERM Sustainable Workplace

8 weeks
Level 25, 400 George Street
Housing Public Works


Project Manager: Peter Kowald
Site Foreman: Neville Wareham
Carpenter: Tony Miscall & Staff
Plastering: Carmelo Castiglione & Staff

This warm and well-considered workspace, truly encapsulates the ethos of it’s occupant.  The Dept of Environment and Resource Management employed a holistic range of techniques to target 5 Stars for Interiors on the GreenStar Project Sustainability Rating System.  As the triple bottom line approach to building has gained momentum over the past number of years, the importance of having projects of this calibre which apply for independent assessment as to their social and environmental credentials, becomes crucial.

From the 25th Level of 400 George street, to the delicate balancing of wildlife amongst the grasses, extensive use of detailed graphics were used to blend the clients purpose with their inhabited space. Custom glazing framing incorporating recycled tallow wood from the Hornibrook Bridge added a natural element, providing warmth and a sense of history to this otherwise very eco modern office.

The Principal Contractor played a key role in the project by bringing together the complex requirements into a practical built reality, while ensuring is transparency and traceability.  Quadric’s experience in high-level environmental management plans, selection of materials with sustainable merit, and innovative methods of waste disposal, proved advantageous to the end result project.  With 1000sqm delivered over the 8 week program, the works proved Quadrics’ ongoing commitment and capacity to balance time, cost, quality, and best practice.

“Viridis and DERM were advised recently that project GS-1279I, DERM Level 25 Fitout at 400 George achieved 64 points in Round 1.  This is sufficient to achieve 5 Stars with minimal further action.  Congratulations to all involved – achieving 5 Stars in Round 1 is a feat achieved by very few projects and is something of which you can be deservedly proud!!…Thanks to you and your team for all your hard work and commitment in making this possible.  It definitely requires a committed team effort to deliver a successful Green Star certification and achieving it in a single round requires a little extra on top of that! Cheers.”  Andrew Ling – Senior Consultant – Viridis

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