Food Connect Community Art Project

April 13, 2013 | | Corporate Social Responsibilty

At Food Connectwe all share therisk. Our farmers jump out of bed excited, city folk get great produce, and that creates real community.

In Partntering with SVA BrisbaneYouthService, indigenous people, at-riskyoung people, people post-incarceration, and people with disabilities, are supported in the gameful employment for all manner of tasks.

The Community Art Project commissioned by Food Connect was made possible by a $1000 grant provided by Government, along with in-kind donations and support from organisations such as Quadric.

The Quadric Project raised materials to the value of $950 through our Quadric Project Contributor Minnis & Samson Stainless Fabrication.

This in-kind donation, allows the full grant to go to artists commissed for the piece.

Result: A total of $950.