Keep / Stop / Start

February 22, 2017 | | Practice

A word from Ben Scott, Managing Director of Quadric:

“I walked out of a meeting with one of our key clients the Dept of Education yesterday feeling very blessed to have such great staff.  We did initiate the meeting, but all we called for was a quick meet and greet, instead the reception we received was far more than expected with a great number of their team keen to offer their support of our performance on their projects over the past few months and years. keepstopstart

Last year we took a good look at Quadric and where we want to be in the future.  We workshopped what Quadric does well, what we don’t do well (you cant be good a everything), and most importantly what we should start doing; for those of you uninitiated its called a keep/stop/start.  The outcomes were not rocket science, but the act of having the whole team around working ON the business not IN the business was refreshing. Writing it all down seemed to make our focus more concrete.   It was decided that we would focus our efforts on ‘good work, good people’, being selective about the type of work that suits are skillset, targeting great customers to services beyond expectations, and ensuring that we retain the best staff.  Now I don’t propose that we have got it perfect; this is a constantly evolving process. Short term priorities often get in the way of our long term goal such as the daily grind, workload fluctuations, and the delicate balancing of overhead versus turnover, however if the feedback received from Dept Education is anything to go by, then we are on are certainly on our way.

A big thankyou to Steve Smythe and Gavin Thorley in our Special Projects division for having such a natural affinity to client satisfaction and JP Kennedy our Construction Manager for the stellar effort on the Brisbane State High job.  You made a difficult project worth a couple of million dollars over the xmas break seem effortless, when we know it was a big ask.”