Recently Completed – Gold Coast Institute of TAFE

April 13, 2015 | | Expertise

Recently Completed

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Gold Coast Institute of TAFE
Southport Campus Redevelopment

The $7millon state-of-the-art redevelopment of the Gold Coast Institute of TAFE Southport Campus, was undertaken by Quadric over a 6 month period in the latter part of 2014.  The project provides infrastructure for the accommodation of a new student hub boosting an industrial design and promoting an educational environment.

The fitout delivers an abundance of building design elements bringing structure, joinery and finishes together. A benchmark for innovative design which enhances collaboration between students through peer-study zones and adaptable technology.  An innovation in construction is not a straightforward concept as it entails improvement in not only the processes, but also the products, materials and services the industry offers. The challenge is to identify potential opportunities to innovate.

  • Value: $7 Million
  • Size: 5,000m2
  • Location:  91 Scarborough St, Southport
  • Duration:  24 Weeks