Rickshaw Run

January 13, 2013 | | Corporate Social Responsibilty

The Quadric Project is proud to sponsor the ‘Gentlemen of Darjeeling’ team of the Rickshaw Run.

“Imagine the quietest, fastest, safest all-terrain vehicle in the world…Now imagine the opposite. Three wheels, half a horse power and more fun than any other vehicle on planet earth, the humble Rickshaw is undoubtedly the ultimate long distance, off-road machine. Despite being designed for short distances on road.

Now imagine the bliss of trying to get this untrusty steed over the Himalayas or across the Rajasthan desert. This then is the Rickshaw Run; an unsupported maniac of an adventure which wobbles over thousands of miles of ridiculous terrain. Probably the stupidest and the best thing you could possibly do with two weeks.”

Result:  $3000 was raised for Fred Hollows Foundation and Frank Water Projects.

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