Spoke Joinery – a reintroduction

December 4, 2017 | | Services

“So what’s the deal with Spoke Joinery?”  Same team, same quality, new name.

The decision to rebrand the Quadric Joinery department is part of a wider strategy to identify and recognise the individual talents that each part of our business has.  Quadric has always been a vertically integrated business; one that self-performs the work that it generates at a project level.  Whilst the industry at large becomes more and more compartmentalised, disconnecting those that perform the work from those that use the space, Quadric on the contrary continues to offer a ‘traditional service’ and takes pride in having in-house capability to tangibly fulfil our client’s expectations.Spoke-Joinery

The challenge faced therefore is, how do you retain the benefits of production whilst remaining nimble and flexible in the marketplace?   Retaining production capabilities has never been an easy exercise.  The cost of machinery, maintenance, facilities, and responsibility of keeping people gainfully employed throughout the industry cycle are costs that many companies have decided not to bare.  Quadric has successfully navigated these obstacles for years and its joinery shop remains an industry leader through the quality of its offering.  However, a joinery shop does have different needs, clients, and operations to the head contract role that the Quadric Projects division performs.  It is through initiatives like the re-brand of Spoke Joinery, that will allow us and our clients to focus clearly about who we are and what we do.

With over thirty years industry experience the Spoke Joinery team is renowned for our diligence and attention to detail, our highly qualified team of craftspeople are career cabinetmakers.

From design to delivery, we offer a complete project solution. Using a combination of traditional methods and computer-controlled machinery, we work at higher speeds and with greater precision. By taking a collaborative approach to joinery projects, Spoke Joinery designs commercial joinery solutions to suit our client’s specific needs.

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