The Return of Market Confidence

May 25, 2020 | | Quadric

As Australia watches Covid19 numbers stabilise a low levels and we see a return to schools and workplaces for many industries, we have seen a confidence return to the market.

Clients are now pushing forward with projects that were in ‘holding patterns’ only a couple of weeks ago.  Commercial Landlords are investing in lobby, amenity, and end of trip facility upgrades.  Workspace tenants are forging ahead with fitouts that were planned pre-covid albeit with necessary changes for the new socially distanced workplace.  Education refurbishments are at what only could be described as record levels of project work.  Public spaces such as shopping centres, stadiums, casinos, and even airports are approaching Quadric to perform the work necessary to make their spaces workable upon their immanent return to trade.

It is this kind of sentiment that the property industry and the wider economy needs in order to bounce back and we hope to see it continue for the rest of the year and onto a big 2021.

For parties interested in getting involved in any of the projects Quadric is currently tendering, go to our Estimateone portal.